This list, like life, is perpetually under construction.

* Learn the bodhran.

* See the damn Perseids.

* Round up friends for a fancy-dress outdoor tea party in Prospect Park, complete with croquet.

* Write a story for some part of the Doctor Who franchise — radio, print, graphic novel, or even television.

* Turn all my play t-shirts into a quilt.

* Go on a self-guided inn-to-inn walking tour.

* Pay off my debt.

* Kayak the full length of the Hudson River.

* Wake up next to David Tennant.

* Read all 1001 of the “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.”

* Camp in Yosemite.

* Camp at Floyd Bennett Field.

* Dress as Columbia for Halloween.

* Round up friends for a trip to Shady Glen.

* Sell some photos I’ve taken.

* Get an essay published.

* Own a home.

* Own a car.

* Go Zorbing.

* Find the guy I had a crush on when I was twelve and catch up on how life has treated him.

* Learn to play pool.

* Visit China.

* Be a live nude model for an art class.

* Get a Masters’ in something.

* Own a cottage in Woodstock.

* Rent a cottage on Cape Cod for either a week or a long weekend.

* Drag friends to the Boom Box Parade.

* Drag friends out to a u-pick stand.

* Throw a clambake.

* Drive the length of Route 66.

* Drive the length of East Coast Route 1.

* Other Road Trips.

* Spend a week on an English longboat.

* Another trip to Chicago.

* Learn to ride a horse.

* Compete in one of the food takedowns – and win.

* Spend a New Year’s Eve in Scotland celebrating Hogmanay.

* Get a fashion makeover.

* Try to stay offline on the weekends.


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