T-shirt Quilting

The past couple weeks ended up being my cat’s last. It was right to stop and just be with him, at the end.

It’s just as right to now be getting ready to turn back towards life, so I’m back in this. And one of the things I may be doing soon is getting going on the t-shirt quilt pillow sham.

My biggest instinct now, firstly, is to do a massive clean of the whole apartment — my roommate earned canonization by starting me off (she cleaned the entire living room the day after he died, partly to just do something helpful and partly because she says she generally does a massive clean before her grad school semesters start anyway), and I’m going to be doing a lot of haul-stuff-out-of-closets-and-figure-out-where-they-can-go-instead over the next few days. Including — finally setting up a storage system for all of my yarn, and all of the other random craft crap I’ve picked up.

So really, there’s no excuse any more for me to not finally just cut down the t-shirts I’m using so that is at least started. Then I’ll only have a few squares of fabric staring me in the face waiting to find a sewing machine, rather than entire t-shirts.

Unless, you know, my roommate happens to magically produce a sewing machine with her Miraculous Fairy Wand or whatever she seems to have. But something tells me to look elsewhere first.


So — the biggest problem with making a t-shirt quilt was the fact that I…sort of don’t own a sewing machine.

But that actually encouraged me to turn to other people for help — which may also be a good thing overall in general, as I try to be a little Stoic sometimes.

I belong to a knitting group, and there is a lot of double-crafting going on in that group; one member also quilts, another also crochets, still others also spin and still others also make their own jam and preserves. So I asked the quilter how I could get at a cheap sewing machine.

…It’s actually kind of embarrasing that she was the one that reminded me of the obvious – Craigslist. (Duh.)

But then she told me about the Etsy labs, where it looks like I just pay a membership fee and can then use their equipment while they’re open. And — there would be people there who could help with the second problem I’ve got — I sort of don’t know how to sew that well.

So I’d have sewing machines there, and people to help me use them. Perfect!

I got excited enough about my progress to dig out those t-shirts this weekend and start planning. But that’s where I ran into my second obstacle — I actually don’t have enough show t-shirts to make a quilt.


I do have enough, however, to make a quilted pillow sham. So change of plans!