A new line item for the list — and this time, it’s the first item about cutting something out:

* Try to stay offline on the weekends.

There’ve been a lot of articles recently about how computer use fragments your thinking or disinvolves you from the world around you or prevents you from effectively sleeping or… I’ve been thinking about them more and more. I do fall into the “let me just surf the web” trap when it comes to trying to find something to do, and I do that more often than I’d like.

Ten years go, before the Web got as big as it is now, I did a lot more. I wrote a hell of a lot more. It was harder to do research – and I would never want to give up the access to information that I have now — but there weren’t as many web pages to goof off on, and I had more brainspace to focus on what it was I was writing.

But today my thinking is a lot more fragmented, and my writing voice is noticeably more…mundane. I don’t take the time to find the right words any more — mainly because it’s too easy to just write something half-assed and then go surf some.

So I’m thinking that I need to get into a “web-free weekend” habit. Unless I am researching something for myself, I will simply not log on to the web on the weekends. Check email, sure; but the New York Times online and Metafilter and IMDB and Facebook and Ravelry and all the other time sinks I’ve been playing on? No more. Save that for the weekdays. Take back some of that time to go see movies rather than read about them, to knit rather than hit up Ravelry, to see friends in real life rather than on Facebook.