The reason why I refer to them as the “damn Perseids” is because…I’ve tried this a couple times before. A couple times, when I was in high school or college, I’ve tried going out on the back deck at my parents’ house at midnight, waiting. The thing is, the Perseids are at their height at about 3 or 4, and while I saw a few shooting stars each time, I usually was nodding off by about 1:30 or 2 and would say “the hell with this” and go to bed.

Last year, I made another valiant attempt to see the Perseids — renting a car via Zipcar, and driving to Robert Moses State Park. I figured it was a foolproof plan, as I could pick the car up at 3, be at Robert Moses by 4, have an hour to watch and start heading back to Brooklyn by 5, and be back home by 6, well before traffic started up. However — as I said on my other blog last year, I hadn’t quite counted on the car I picked up for the attempt having seriously ridiculous car trouble, with a horn that would not stop going off throughout the entire one-hour drive through Long Island.

…But I am determined.

This year, the time was the biggest challenge — I work during the week now, and the weekend of the Perseids is the same weekend I have another writing commitment; I regularly write reviews for New York’s Fringe Festival for the site, and the shows I picked were also all right bang on that weekend.

However – I don’t have a show to review Sunday. So – I could jaunt out to see the damnPerseids early Sunday morning.

…Granted, the pessimist in me is thinking that “with your luck, the weather’s going to suck then instead,” but dammit, we will still try…

…Damn Perseids.