So some of the things on my list are clearly long shots. I’ve talked about this list with a couple people, and they’ve raised eyebrows and chuckled at some of the things I mention, gently teasing that “well, I guess that could happen…”

The thing is, I’m not 100% serious about the really long-shot ones either. I mean — seriously, I am so far off from being positioned to write for the BBC that it’s laughable (first: I’m American, second: I haven’t written anything of note, third: I haven’t written anything resembling a draft yet).

So why bother putting them down on the list?

I considered not. But I realized that if I started leaving things off the list on the grounds that they were “unattainable,” it would be all too easy to talk myself into thinking some things were also unattainable when they were really not. Which is all too easy a trap to fall into. Putting even the “crazy” things on this list, on the other hand, encourages you to check out some of the practicalities behind them – and you may find that some of those “crazy” things aren’t all that crazy.

Okay, David Tennant may be a long shot still, but…know something? I looked into some listings on the New York Times real estate section, and “owning my own apartment” isn’t quite as far-fetched as I thought.