So — the biggest problem with making a t-shirt quilt was the fact that I…sort of don’t own a sewing machine.

But that actually encouraged me to turn to other people for help — which may also be a good thing overall in general, as I try to be a little Stoic sometimes.

I belong to a knitting group, and there is a lot of double-crafting going on in that group; one member also quilts, another also crochets, still others also spin and still others also make their own jam and preserves. So I asked the quilter how I could get at a cheap sewing machine.

…It’s actually kind of embarrasing that she was the one that reminded me of the obvious – Craigslist. (Duh.)

But then she told me about the Etsy labs, where it looks like I just pay a membership fee and can then use their equipment while they’re open. And — there would be people there who could help with the second problem I’ve got — I sort of don’t know how to sew that well.

So I’d have sewing machines there, and people to help me use them. Perfect!

I got excited enough about my progress to dig out those t-shirts this weekend and start planning. But that’s where I ran into my second obstacle — I actually don’t have enough show t-shirts to make a quilt.


I do have enough, however, to make a quilted pillow sham. So change of plans!